Hump day

Today is hump day, middle of the week and over the hump to the weekend.  I guess since my Friday at work is only half a day I was over the hump at midday…and I am in a bad mood…

Still tired, everyone at work seems to be tired as well.  I feel like I could sleep for a week!

So it is an early post today as I am going to Karate tonight.  Training without Little Chick at a different dojo tonight, doesn’t finish until 9pm which is going to be late for me, but will probably end up just coming home and crashing, so that could be a good thing.  My ankle is a little sore at the moment as well, hoping it is just because I am using it more and it is getting stretched in ways it hasn’t been since my injury last year. 

Little Chick is at nanas, and then she will drop him off at Beavers for us, sounds like he didn’t have such a good day today.   Will know more when I can read the comments etc from the behaviour book. 

Rowing, did the 5000m today, so that 14000m for the week done, and 2 more days of rowing to go. 

That was my hump day…still yawning…


About thekiwione

The lost kiwi, lost in the UK for 9 years now. Just doing my best living my life, pretty boring really, but trying to get more interesting and inspired...
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