Chinese New Year

Thought this blog was going to be another oh ffs post about Little Chick and his school, as I had another missed call from them on my mobile phone this afternoon…just a quick rant about that then…I work in a school, I am not allowed to have my phone with me while working, they know I work in a school, they know this is the case as it is the case in most schools, including I would imagine their own school!    Unless he has fallen off something and being rushed to hospital I don’t want them calling me at work!  Rant over…;)  Will be having the meeting with them tomorrow, mostly this week he has been much better, just them…

Yesterday I decided to have Satay Prawns and noodles for dinner tonight, so got the prawns etc yesterday ready.  I didn’t know it was chinese new year today, until I got to MILs house.  So feel a bit freaked that I thought of this.  Someone else at work had also decided to make a stirfry tonight…Chinese all round then.  Little Chick also wants Chinese tomorrow night as well, I think he is going to miss out there.  So happy new year to all celebrating, and hope you have made your resolutions…;)

Rowing, another 5000m done today…

Right, off I go to make my dinner, then I am going to have my bath and early night tonight for sure!!!


About thekiwione

The lost kiwi, lost in the UK for 9 years now. Just doing my best living my life, pretty boring really, but trying to get more interesting and inspired...
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