Didn’t do a blog yesterday, so thought I would do it about karate, as that is something Little Chick and I did yesterday.

I have been interested in Martial Arts for along time.  Not even sure where the interest came from, but it was there.  When I broke up with the twonk, I then started the search for a karate.  I ended up doing a style in NZ called Kiaido Ryu.  I really enjoyed this style, I did miss one of my gradings due to my dodgy ankle fracturing again…sigh.  Also enjoyed the health and healing side of this style.  Did my first level of Reiki as a result of this style and still would like to do more in this side when I find someone to train with. 🙂

Anyway…moved to the UK and this style wasn’t here, one dojo but not in any of the places I have lived…so that was the end of that for awhile.  Then by chance someone came to see me about karate, and Alex was keen so I thought what the heck and we both joined.  That was in April 2009.  Anyway, got to orange belt before I moved to Belgrade last year, putting everything on hold again.  Came back in July, but was broke so couldn’t start back.  Started tutoring and decided that the money from that would go towards paying for karate.  So new year started and set my goal for the coming year, 3 belts. 

I have thrown myself into training, I am now training 3 times a week, and Little chick has got back into it as well, training twice a week. 

Grading is coming up this weekend.  Yesterday the Sensei asked if I was going to grade…eeeekkk…I have been thinking about it but wasn’t sure if I was ready.  Going to speak to the Sensei on Wednesday training and see what he thinks.  I think I have finally got the hang of Saifa which is the kata for the next grading…but is it good enough?  I do want to do this grading because then I would have the first belt done towards the goal for the year.  I want to be ready though and not let people down or myself!  

The sensei on Wednesday I am sure will make sure I am ready… 🙂

*quick note about today…rowing, 5000m rowed this morning, work was fine and new goal has been started… 😉 *


About thekiwione

The lost kiwi, lost in the UK for 9 years now. Just doing my best living my life, pretty boring really, but trying to get more interesting and inspired...
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3 Responses to Karate

  1. Chief Demon Wrangler says:

    Ooo good luck! x

  2. Vaughan Carey says:

    how did you brake the foot not on a ice rink

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