Is Tuesday really the worst day of the week? You know I think it might be…there is nothing to look forward to about a Tuesday.

Monday…well you already know this day isn’t going to be great with the whole OMG the weekend is over malarkey, but at least it is the first day after the weekend and you have had the break from work and are that little fresher for the coming week.  For me there is nothing else happening on this day either.

Wednesday…Hump day, you know it is downhill from here, end of the week is just around the corner.  First of the Karate sessions for the week for me.  Also don’t have to pick Little Chick up until 7pm as he is dropped at Beavers, so don’t feel so rushed.

Thursday…only one more day of work, well you always count ahead you know to buck yourself up, so this hardly counts as a day.  Another evening where nothing usually happens, this Thurday the Husband is back as well! 🙂

Friday…whoohooo the weekend has started…I also only work half a day on Fridays so have the time to do stuff on my own in the afternoon.

Saturday and Sunday, weekend, sleep in, doing what you want when you want etc etc…

Tuesday…busy day at work, nothing to look forward to until Wednesday, and tutoring after work for me as well.  Feels like a long day.

Now this might be only my view for this week actually as I had a rubbish sleep last night.  Couldn’t sleep, tossed and turned felt tired but didn’t sleep very well at all, so that has more than likely affected how I am seeing Tuesdays this week!   Sick of this cold but not quite a cold thing as well.  Nearly didn’t even get up to do rowing this morning, nearly turned the alarm off and rolled back over to sleep, but like I said to Little Chick unfortunately sometimes life doesn’t go our way and we have to just buck up and get on…so I did get up and row, 4000m, so that is 9000m for the week.  I have done my tutoring.  I have done a good days work as well.  Saw a job that I am going to apply for as well, closer to home and until the end of 2012 as well…so longer…

So I guess there was a brightside to getting on today. 🙂


About thekiwione

The lost kiwi, lost in the UK for 9 years now. Just doing my best living my life, pretty boring really, but trying to get more interesting and inspired...
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