30 Day Song Challenge Part 1

So I did this song challenge, and enjoyed doing, even if somedays I thought what the heck!

Anyway, here are my song choices and reasons etc.

Day 1 – Favourite Song

Lightening Crashes by Live has been my favourite song for a very long time.  I love this band, and I do get frustrated that they aren’t played on the radio here.

Day 2 – Least Favourite Song

Lady Lumps has to be my least favourite song of all time.  It is just horrible and yuck and seriously, lady lumps?  They aren’t lumps, they are curves!

Day 3 – Song that Makes you Happy

Sun Goes Down by David Jordan is a song that makes me happy.  I smile and want to dance whenever I hear it. 

Day 4 – Song that Makes you Sad

The Rose makes me sad.  Mostly you hear it sung by Bette Midler, which still makes me sad.  This one does have more of a story behind it.  I had a very talented cousin, Burnette, who died some years ago from cancer.  She was a talented musician and singer.  She had sung The Rose at a benefit concert.  I wasn’t at that concert.  When she died we were at her funeral, there she is in front of us, and a recording from that concert was played.  It was Burnette singing The Rose.  I think we all started crying, we could hear her voice, even though she was no longer with us.  So now everytime I hear the song it takes me back.  😦

Day 5 – Song that Reminds you of Someone

Summer of 69 by Bryan Adams reminds me of my friend Trevarr, yes it is spelled that way…lol.  He has this unique talent where he can change the lyrics to songs to something rude and disgusting without too much effort.  Line from this song that I remember is ‘when you hold my gland…’

Day 6 – Song That reminds you of Somewhere

April Sun in Cuba by Dragon reminds me of University.

Day 7 – Song that reminds you of a certain event

Storm by Vanessa Mae reminds me of breaking up from Bart…not in a bad way though, actually in a good way.  Let me explain.  I heard this album just after I broke up from Bart, I loved it.  So I got it.  I listened to it loads, I didn’t find it depressing or anything, I found it more uplifting and liberating.  I think I tortured everyone with it as well!  This led to another happy event.  Vanessa Mae released her Four Seasons album at this time as well,  the husband, who wasn’t the husband at this stage, he was supposedly just a friend,  he got the Four Season album for me as birthday present…so all good. 🙂  On facebook I posted the live version of this song, here is the official video this time.

Day 8 – Song that you know all the words to

Stand by Me by Ben E. King.  I remember some happy times at summer camps at Te Rau Aroha singing this song at the top of our lungs.  Particular when we were doing an overnight camp at Dickies Flat, walking along the river with linked arms with co-leaders.  Simple times, simple pleasures.  🙂

Day 9 – Song you can dance to.

I pretty much will dance to anything I like.  When I was out the other weekend, I heard this song again, Start Wearing Purple by Gogol Bordello, and I felt my big butt start to wriggle away.  Had to share it with you.  Also have to say it also reminds me of my Aunty Marg, she is the wear purple when I am older lady from way back!  🙂

Day 10 – Music to fall asleep to

This was one of the ones where I though blah!  I don’t select music because I want to go to sleep.  What I quite often do if I want to listen to music while I am drifting off, is I just put the ipod on random and put the timer on.  It just plays whatever and I drift off to sleep.  I think I actually put on Acker Bilk on Facebook, as if I do want to chill out I will put on instrumental stuff.

Right…I will come back to the rest of this later.  Enjoy listening to my choices for now.


About thekiwione

The lost kiwi, lost in the UK for 9 years now. Just doing my best living my life, pretty boring really, but trying to get more interesting and inspired...
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