Pampering and more walking

So after Thursday being one of those days I was actually looking forward to Friday.  I had finally booked in for a haircut, after wanting one for ages.  My ‘normal’ hairdresser has been off on maternity etc for ages, and money to go there has been an issue.  It is a big treat having my hair cut and coloured.  It was long overdue as well!  My hair was long and straggly…I have fine, super straight hair, so when it is long it pretty much just looks like a mop.  Can’t get volume into or anything…so short has always suited me better.  The hairdresser I go to is fab.  I generally give her a free rein, and she always does something I like.  She also knows that basically I am lazy and want something easy to maintain and do daily.  Anyway, after Thursday I really felt like pampering myself, so was looking forward to this…  As you can see by that pic, it was in a dire state…lol.  So morning at work and then straight off for the cut and colour.  I knew I wanted short, hadn’t really decided on anything else, despite all my browsing of cuts etc over the last couple of weeks.  As I wanted it coloured as well, Vicky decided that rather than colour all that hair first and then wack it off, we would wack it off and then colour it.  So the wacking began…even when she was halfway through it was looking better.  Then the colour discussion began.  There was another client there who had fabulous pink/red hair and was going short.  I have always had a slight hankering to go bold with my colour like that.  It looked fab as well.  This is where it is good having a hairdresser that knows you.  Vicky agreed that yeah bold colour and short hair does look fab, however she reminded me that I am not one for heading to the hairdresser every 6 weeks to get it recoloured.  I then asked about just getting one stripe brightly coloured.  Apparently they have a tendency to bleed when washing though, so again, stressful for dealing with.  So we decided to once again stick with the usual blond highlighting we do.  The fab thing about this highlighting is it does ‘lift’ my natural colour, and lasts for ages and ages.  Showing my lazy can’t be arsed side again!  So one went the colour.

Now the other thing I had decided when I got to the hairdressers was you know what, I have NEVER had a manicure before, I knew I would be sat there with colour on for awhile doing nothing, so why not get a manicure at the same time.  So I was sat there with colour on, heat lamps cooking my head and my hands being tended to!  🙂  Was fab.  I will be getting that done again.  I am now pretty sure I am going to do a pedicure now as well.  That is amazing news as most people who know me know I HATE my toes being touched.  I am going to psyche myself up for this and do it though…I maybe a bit lazy about spending hours getting ready in the morning etc, and putting make up on blah blah, but I am going to treat myself occasionally now! 🙂  I felt really good when I walked out of there. 🙂

After the great chop of 2011First ever Manicure

I then headed straight to the garage with regards to the car.  It has been making a funny noise again.  Got there, the guy took it straight out for a road test.  About 15 minutes later walked back in and said won’t make that noise again, apparently some nut to do with the anti-roll bars has been loose and he tightened it.  Whoohoo!  🙂  Today was going well!

Evening finished off with some karate and watching of Dexter. 🙂

We had decided that today we were going to walk up to Malham again to see if the falcons were hatched and we could see them.  It was going to be dependent on the weather as it was forecast to rain today.  We woke up and it was overcast, but we decided what the heck lets go anyway, we all have raincoats, whats a little bit of rain between friends.  As it was forecast to rain we did decide that a picnic was the best plan for today though, so we planned to eat in Malham itself.  We also decided to do it the reverse way from last time.

So we parked at Gordale today.  We walked up to Gordale Scar.  Little chick wanted to climb straight up the waterfall like everyone else was, however I hadn’t prepared mentally for that at all!  There is a campsite at Gordale, so we told Little Chick that we would camp there one weekend and we would do it then.  As it is so close to home we can wake up on a Saturday morning and say yeah lets go for the night.  We will just take the little tent for one night as well!  We then went back to where the car was and trekked up the hill towards the top of Malham Cove.  This takes you through some farmland and it appeared today that the sheep had all been plotting amongst themselves.  I know sheep aren’t that bright, but maybe these are mutant sheep like in Black Sheep…anyway, there plot had been to poo everywhere where the track normally goes.  Going through a field, you could go around it obviously, but the well trodden path is well trodden for a reason, it is easier!  Mean nasty sheep and their poo plots!

We finally got to the top of Malham Cove, by this time it was raining, it had been spitting, I guess it is fair to say it was actually raining now though…We went to the good spot we discovered last time that has a good view of the nest site…no sign of the falcons at all, even too wet for them to come out and play!  We could see that the RSPB guys were even packing up and leaving!  We carried on around to the limstone paving, we started walking on it…I was fair bricking it though.  They were wet and slippy, I was not happy about going over them at all, if anyway was going to slip and hurt themselves it would be me!  So I headed up to the grassy bits and we went over the grassy bits.  Most people were actually making that decision though.  Then it was down all those steps, instead of going up them all.

Final walk into Malham for lunch.   We stopped at the Ye Olde Barn Cafe, I had an egg and chips.  Obviously I can’t guarantee that the oil they use is the right one for salicylate free, but best choice really.  Little Chick had a ham and cheese toasted sandwich and the husband went for a BLT.  Everyone actually ended up eating the chips as it was a big serving!

After lunch it had stopped raining, final walk through the woods past Janet’s Foss to the car.  There were children swimming in the water this time, and of course Little chick wanted in on the action as well.  There was also an amazing bird, which we think was a dipper flying around.  It was flying really close to the water and zipping all over the place.

Despite the rain I really enjoyed this walk.  We were home by 3.30, I had a bath and have been in my PJs ever since as well.  I have been really enjoying getting out for these weekend walks.  🙂



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