Polyp, sinus update

Ok been awhile since I have been on here writing anything…Must make more of an effort.

I know a few of you wanted to know about the polyps in terms of the diet etc.  Today I was up at the hospital getting checked out once again.  Last time was November last year that I got checked.  In November the polyps were large enough to cause me discomfort affecting my ears etc, causing me to feel very run down and in general depressed.  The specialist at that time put me on the steroid drops for a couple of weeks.  Then in the new year was when I started on the diet.  (I am currently off the diet at the moment will explain why further down.)  He was talking about how surgery might be in the cards again in November…that is how bad they were.  Surgery will probably still be in the future as is the nature of my polyps, but the longer I can put that off the better.

Anyway, walked in, she asked how it was all going and I mentioned the salicylic free diet that I have been doing, and that when I am on I have virtually no symptoms.  No itching ears, no running nose, a sense of smell even and asthma is more controlled.  She actually listened.  In November he ignored me completely, despite the fact that there is LOTS of information with regards to the link between salicylates and Samters Triad etc.  She then mentioned the aspirin desensitisation, I have been trying to get more information on this for aLONG time.  She is going to contact the immunology department in Leeds to see if they will want to see me. Progress!

Polyps front, they are tiny!  🙂  So yes they have shrunk in the last 6 months.  🙂  Tiny in the left side and hardly any to be seen in the right side!  🙂  So double bonus.

Not currently on the diet at the moment as the lack of fresh fruit and veg was started to get me down, particular with all the lovely summer fruit on sale.  Was also getting a bit depressed about my weight…so have decided to get that sorted as quickly as possible and then get back onto this diet.  You can check out that progress on thekiwioneloses@wordpress.com warts and all progress…

After that verdict will be getting back onto this diet ASAP!  🙂


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  1. Tanya M. Laidlaw says:

    My name is Tanya Laidlaw and I am an Allergist/Immunologist at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. I specialize in treating patients with AERD/Samter’s Triad and came across your blogsite. Thank you for posting it, as it surely is a comfort to other patients to know they are not alone in their symptoms.

    As many of our patients shared your frustration at the lack of useful and validated information about the disease on the internet, our group recently created a website to help to fill that void. The site is http://aerd.partners.org/ and is intended to provide both general medical information about AERD/Samter’s Triad and to be updated regularly with any new research or relevant discoveries so that patients and their providers can be kept up-to-date with new developments or treatment options.

    Please check it out if you are interested, and feel free to give me feedback (tlaidlaw@partners.org) if there are other aspects you think would be important to include. Hope your health continues to do well!

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