Week 7 – Random

Bit late in posting, apologies if you have been dying to read my little blog.  This last week I didn’t have a set theme or a task that I was looking at.  I was on holiday and went to visit my sister-in-law, I didn’t know what I would see so decided that I wouldn’t set a task and take picture as I felt the urge.  Which is exactly what I did.  I ended up doing a lot of Macro.  SIL had lilies so took macro photos of them, they can be a bit rude really.  I also completely geeked out taking macro shots of dew.  I was outside in my tigger pjs, some slippers and my coat taking pictures of dew!  She has a garden I don’t.  Then it was more macro of lilies as they had opened up more.  Wednesday morning was macro of frost!  I also ran into the middle of the road to take a picture.  Found myself looking to make sure that nothing was coming and then took the photo.  Through the week I used a mixture of AV setting and manual setting, on the macro photos was also using manual focus.

Another problem I have is I am now looking for an alternative to Flickr.  I managed to update Flickr on Friday, but took me nearly all day!  I had to use the old uploader tool which only let me load 6 photos at a time!  So have been looking at some other alternatives.  Keep your eyes peeled, or you might get inundated on here with my photos.  🙂

Onto the photos.

Ahhhh…OK adding the photos on here hasn’t gone well either…sigh. Tip for you all, don’t try and write a blog when you are not well!  Brain fudge!

This week I am on school trip to a medical museum, so photos there will be the order of the day.  I think my main theme for the week though is going to be signs this week though.


About thekiwione

The lost kiwi, lost in the UK for 9 years now. Just doing my best living my life, pretty boring really, but trying to get more interesting and inspired...
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