30 day song challenge part 2

The continuation of the song challenge saga just to excite you some more…haha

Day 11 – Song from your favourite Band

Live is my favourite band too, but I decided to put another song here from another one of my favourite bands.  So went for The Foo Fighters for this one…Everlong

Day 12…Song from least favourite band

Picked another Black-Eyed Peas song for this one, I don’t really like many of their songs, I also can’t be arsed sending you to the video again…haha.

Day 13  …Guilty Pleasure Song

Well for this one I went for Star Girl by McFly, I picked this song because on Friday morning on Radio One they do something called McFlyday, and play this song.  Little Chick and I both like it when we hear it.  We both ooohhh ooooohhh along.

Day 14..A song you wouldn’t be expected to like

If anyone has listened to my iPod they would realise I have everything on there really.  I like most music if I am honest, (apart from Black-eyed peas…haha).  In fact rap etc is my less favourite genre of music, is it even called rap these days?  Anyway for this one I picked Stan by Eminem, here is the short version for you. 

Day 15…Song that Describes You

Well could I pick anything other than Bitch by Meredith Brooks?  Lets be honest, this song actually describes most women.  I’m a little bit of everything rolled into one!

Day 16…Song I used to Love but now Hate

Hate is a very strong word, kind of implies that I would never ever listen to said song again, which is wrong, because I will still listen to this song if it is on the radio etc.  However I won’t choose to play it myself anymore.  This song was once sung to me by someone who at the time I thought loved me and then two months later said, ummm, no I NEVER loved you.  Kind of ruined the idea of him singing it to me didn’t it…anyway…Sweet Child of Mine by GnR

Day 17…song you hear on the radio

Listen to the radio everytime I am in the car.  Usually Radio 1 so hear most of the new stuff, which they deem worthy of us.  At the moment I have been enjoying Noah and the Whale’s L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N  I love the line pendulum hips too! 🙂

Day 18…Song you wish you heard on the radio

With this one I was thinking about all the bands that I heard on the radio in NZ but I don’t ever here.  In NZ we seem to get stuff from UK, USA, Oz as well as NZ music as well.  Over here a lot of the artists I would hear in NZ don’t seem to get airtime over here at all, like Live for example.  So I picked a NZ band which a friend introduced me to, which I have enjoyed listening to, but must get their stuff on my iPod so I can enjoy them more often.  Opshop people, One Day, enjoy.

Time to put Little Chick to bed, so will have to torture you with part 3 another time. 😉


About thekiwione

The lost kiwi, lost in the UK for 9 years now. Just doing my best living my life, pretty boring really, but trying to get more interesting and inspired...
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